With Calvin's guidance, I was able to heal myself! When my daughter passed away I felt so overwhelmed and defeated and dark, I was angry at the whole world. I was experiencing some pretty disheartening impacts to my mood, energy levels and weight. Calvin helped me sift through all the information out there and helped me to find the resources which helped tremendously. After just a couple days I was swimming and jogging again because I had energy. I knew something had shifted, but was shocked at how fast and smooth this transformation occurred. Knowing many friends that struggle with limiting beliefs and problems from past life events thrown at you it made me doubly grateful to have Calvin's great wisdom and techniques to coach me to the lighter side quickly and relatively easily. I am on the right path now. 

Mohammed O.

Veronik V.

Very professional, fast results, very respectful

What can I say... Calvin actually helped me. Which I thought was impossible. I was a mess and we meet and worked online and it was so so easy. So comfortable with Calvin.

Thank you Calvin. You changed my life. My wife and family is forever grateful.

Highly recommend Calvin if you are struggling with relationships and emotions.

Thomas Shaver

My husband and I had a lot of misunderstanding and miscommunication. We were fighting all the time since we had our first child.

Calvin gave me a lot of advise how to understand "love languages and how attraction works, and he also help me understand myself better.

We appreciate him and he makes us comfortable and cozy, as well as self-confidence.

We both can be free and open without fear of guilt and shame.

Calvin, thank you so much.

Carol Spears

I had avoided seeking counselling for a long time. Mainly due to feeling uncomfortable, and not having the energy to go through a number of different counsellors before finding the “right fit”, as I had been warned by friends that was common.

I am so impressed with Calvin when I was first matched with him. He is very easy to talk with and really listens. He is very approachable and comfortable.

I’m so grateful to have this safe space, free of judgement and full of encouraging and compassionate advice and just listening sometimes when needed. And all from the comfort of my own home, with my preferred method to connect, online. It’s been really helpful!!!
So far, I have notice a huge change in myself an we've only done three sessions.